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Secure Network Switch Accessories

Secure Network Switch Accessories

Manufacturer: CIS Secure Computing

The CIS Secure Network Switch Accessories remotely extend the control and status features of the DTD-FT221 Dual IP Network Switch and DTD-530 A/B Switch.

Remote Status Module comes with 25’ cable and wall mount bracket. Red/Green color coding is user selectable and multiple units can be connected together in series.  Works with DTD-FT221 Dual IP Network Switch and DTD-530S Isolated RS530 A/B Switch.

Remote Switch Control box for table top control of the DTD-FT221 Dual IP Network Switch and DTD-530S  Isolated RS530 A/B Switch.  25’ cable include d.

CIS Secure solutions are available directly from CIS, our authorized resellers, and government contracts including GSA, ITES-3H, NETCENTS-2, and SEWP V.