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TEMPEST Polycom Group 310 Executive Desktop Videoconferencing System

TEMPEST Polycom Group 310 Executive Desktop Videoconferencing System

Manufacturer: CIS Secure Computing


  • NSTISSAM 1-92 Level I
  • NATO SDIP-27 Level A (equivalent)
  • CID09/15A (equivalent)

Key Features

  • Widescreen 16:9
  • Front Panel Mute Button
  • Built-in Camera Privacy Shutter
  • Automatic Noise Suppression
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Instant Adaptation Echo Cancellation

The TEMPEST modified version of the commercially available Polycom Group 310 delivers high definition visual collaboration to the workspace and is optimized for high performance over congest IP networks.

The TEMPEST Group 310 comes complete with a 24-inch display, built-in camera with privacy shutter, built-in microphone and handset connector, and a fiber IP network interface.  The unit also includes VGA and DVI-D inputs for external content.

System Components
Polycom Group Series 310
24-inch Widescreen 1920 x 1080 display
(16:9) with integrated camera

IPv4 and IPv6 support
1 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet
H.323 and/or SIP up to 3Mbps
RS232 with API support
Reconfigurable MTU size
Microsoft ICE support
Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business support
IBM Sametime support

100MB SC Fiber Ethernet (1GB Optional)
D15 VGA Input
DB9 Headset
DVI-D Input
USB 2.0 Service Port
External Mic Pod

Video Standards and Protocols
H.261, H.263, H.264 AVC, H.264 High Profile, H.264 SVC, RTV
H.239/BFCP for content sharing
H.263 and H.264 Video Error Concealment

People Video Resolution
1080p, 60 fps from 1740 Kbps
1080p, 30 fps from 1024 Kbps
720p, 60 fps from 832 Kbps
720p, 30 fps from 512 Kbps
4SIF/4CIF, 60 fps from 512 Kbps
4SIF/4CIF, 30 fps from 128 Kbps
SIF (352 x 240), CIF (352 x 288) from 64 Kbps
QSIF (176 x 120), QCIF (176 x 144) from 64 Kbps
w288p from 128 Kbps
w448 from 384 Kbps
w576p from 512 Kbps

Content Video Resolutions (Input)
HD (1920 x 1080i)
HP (1920 x 1080p)
WSXGA+ (1680 x 1050)
UXGA (1600 x 1200)
SXGA (1280 x 1024)
HD (1280 x 720p)
XGA (1024 x 768)
SVGA (800 x 600)

Content Video Resolutions (Output)
HD (1920 x 1080i)
HD (1920 x 1080p)
WSXGA+ (1680 x 1050)
SXGA+ (1400 x 1050)
SXGA (1280 x 1024)
HD (1280 x 720p)
XGA (1024 x 768)
VGA (640 x 480)

Audio Standards and Protocols
22 kHz bandwidth with Polycom Siren 22
14 kHz bandwidth with Polycom Siren 14, G.722.1 Annex C
7 kHz bandwidth with G.722, G.722.1
3.4 kHz bandwidth with G.711, G.728, G.729A

Polycom Constant Clarity Technology
Polycom StereoSound
Automatic Gain Control
Automatic Noise Suppression
Instant Adaptation Echo Cancellation
Audio Error Concealment
Headset input for privacy

Other Supported Standards
H.224/H.281, H.323 Annex Q, H.225, H.245, H.241, H.239, H.243, H.460
BFCP (RFC 4582)

Dimensions (H x W x D)
Display with stand:
22" x 23.75" x 11"

28.8 lbs. (system without optional TEMPEST headset and Mic Pod)
31.9 lbs. (complete system with optional TEMPEST headset and Mic Pod)

Integrated Universal power supplies on monitor and codec
100-240VAC (auto sensing),
50-60 Hz, 2.5 A

Standard 1 year parts and labor
Optional 3 year parts and labor

CIS Secure solutions are available directly from CIS, our authorized resellers, and government contracts including GSA, ITES-3H, NETCENTS-2, and SEWP V.