CIS Secure Computing: A Trusted Integrator in NSA's Commercial Solutions for Classified Programs and a NSA Certified Manufacturing and Test Facility

Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC)

Commercial Solutions for Classified Programs is a new way of delivering secure solutions leveraging industry innovation to deliver IA solutions quickly. It is founded on the principle that properly configured, layered solutions can provide adequate protection of classified data in a variety of different applications. NSA has developed, approved and published solution-level specifications called Capability Packages (CPs), and works with Technical Communities from across industry, governments, and academia to develop and publish product-level requirements in US Government Protection Profiles (PPs). CPs for Mobile Access, Virtual Private Network, Campus Wireless LAN, and Data at Rest solutions are now published on this site.  

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CIS and CSfC Technology Benefits

Products can be customized to meet exact customer needs
Can meet the requirements of the Mobile Access and Virtual Private Network Compatibility Packages
An alternative which alleviates COMSEC related issues
Phone versions can include TSG functionality
Cost effective approach to communication security upgrades
Protects classified information across untrusted networks or networks of a different classification
Supports centrally managed and/or independently managed sites
Supports multiple sites and/or multiple security levels
Can be enhanced for various mission environments with layered security features including TEMPEST

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                                                                           Applicable Solutions

CIS Secure 2T VoIP Phone/Router                             CIS Secure 2T Network Module                       CIS Secure 2T Mobile VoIP Network Kit

CIS Secure solutions are available directly from CIS, our authorized resellers, and government contracts including GSA, ITES-3H, NETCENTS-2, and SEWP V.