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TEMPEST Cisco EX90 Executive High Definition Videoconferencing System

TEMPEST Cisco EX90 Executive High Definition Videoconferencing System

Manufacturer: CIS Secure Computing


  • NSTISSAM 1-92 Level I
  • NATO SDIP-27 Level A (equivalent)
  • CID09/15A (equivalent)

Key Features

  • Widescreen 16:9
  • CD Quality Stereo
  • Acoustic Echo Cancelling
  • Automatic Noise Reduction
  • Intelligent Video Management

The TEMPEST modified version of the commercially available Cisco TelePresence System EX Series transforms the workplace by combining work, collaboration, and communications — all on the desktop with just the touch of a finger.  Colleagues can instantly work together whether they are separated by a hallway, street, or several time zones.  As part of the EX Series, the Cisco TelePresence System EX90 (EX90) and Cisco TelePresence System EX60 (EX60) support vivid, lifelike 1080p30 video, natural collaboration, and the simplicity of a touch screen interface for a complete solution that helps ensure conversations are more productive.

Video and Audio Specifications
Bandwidth H.232/SIP up to 6 Mbps point-to-point

Video Standards

Video Features
Widescreen 16:9
Advanced screen layouts
Intelligent video management
Local auto layout

Live Video Resolutions
176 x 144@30fps (QCIF)
352 x 288@30fps (CIF)
512 x 288@30fps (w288p)
576 x 448@30fps (448p)
768 x 448@30fps (w448p)
704 x 576@30fps (4CIF)
1024 x 576@30fps (w576p)
640 x 480@30fps (VGA)
800 x 600@30fps (SVGA)
1024 x 768@30fps (XGA)
1280 x 1024@30fps (SXGA)
1280 x 720@30fps (720p30)
1280 x 768@30fps (WXGA)
1920 x 1080@30fps (1080p30)*
1440 x 900@30fps (WXGA+)*
1680 x 1050@30fps (WSXGA+)*
1600 x 1200@30fps (UXGA)*
512 x 288@60fps (w288p60)*
768 x 448@60fps (w448p60)*
1024 x 576@60fps (w576p60)*
1280 x 720@60fps (720p60)*

*Requires premium resolution option

Audio Standards
64/128 kbps MPEG4 AAC-LD
AAC-LD stereo

Audio Features
CD-quality 20-kHz stereo
Acoustic echo canceling
Automatic gain control 
Automatic noise reduction
Active lip synchronization

Dual Stream
H.239 (H.323) dual stream
BFCP (SIP) dual stream


Network Interfaces
Internal 2-port Ethernet switch
(1) LC Fiber 100Mbps for LAN**
(1) LC Fiber 100Mbps for PC**

** Field upgradable

System Management
Support for Cisco TelePresence Management Suite
Total Management through embedded Simple Network
Management Protocol (SNMP), Telnet, SSH, XML, and
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
Remote software upload: web server, Secure Copy 
Protocol, HTTP, and HTTPS

Multisite Option Available

Other Interfaces
(1) USB for future applications
VGA Input for PC
PC Audio Input
Handset/Touch Panel Control
Headset (optional dual headset support)

Firewall Traversal
Cisco TelePresence Expressway Technology
H.460.18 and H.460.19 Firewall Traversal

IP Network Features
Domain Name System (DNS) lookup
Differentiated Services (QoS)
IP adaptive bandwidth management (including flow control)
Auto gatekeeper discovery
Dynamic playout and lip-sync buffering 
H.245 DTMF tones in H.323
Date and time support with Network Time Protocol (NTP)
Packet-loss based downspeeding
DNS-based URI dialing
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
IEEE 802.1x network authentication
IEEE 802.1q VLAN

Embedded Encryption
H.323/SIP point-to-point
Standards-based: H.235 v2 and v3 and Advanced Encryption
Standard (AES)
Automatic key generation and exchange
Supported in dual stream

Security Features
Management via Secure HTTP (HTTPS) and Secure Shell (SSH)
IP administration password
Menu administration password
Disable IP services
Network settings protection

Dimensions (H x W x D)*
23” x 23” 9.5”
*Including base and camera

28 lbs.

110-240VAC (auto sensing). 50-60 Hz

Standard 1 year parts and labor
Optional 3 year parts and labor

CIS Secure solutions are available directly from CIS, our authorized resellers, and government contracts including GSA, ITES-3H, NETCENTS-2, and SEWP V.